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Stephen Withe has been involved with football all of his life from an outsider looking in, to having a famous father as a footballer. He knows from first-hand, of the winning mentality footballers have and growing up with his famous father, Peter Withe, certainly had its advantages. Watching and learning from his father, he saw first-hand the cruel world of being in the public eye, as he found that his father’s popularity soon left him when he retired as a player. Stephen learnt very quickly how footballers needed help, guidance and support, and his upbringing into this world really made him think that celebrities are being taken for a ride; protection, education, and guidance is much needed for stars, who are, let’s face it just the same as everybody else.

Stephen decided he wanted to make a difference for ex-sports stars, so he went about setting up charity football events in 2010, working alongside his father to bring back the camaraderie for players that was missing in their lives. In 2017, he set up Diamond Show Management, which caters for people in the public eye who need some guidance and support in their lives and this became a huge success. In December 2017, his father’s book came out, which had rave reviews, and is now in the process of being made into a feature film.

He has now created a new platform for his father to bring back his former popularity and to be seen in the public eye once again. He has recently had similar success with former player and manager, Brian Little, who also published his book in November 2018. Stephen is an event organiser, and he helps with book events, Q&A’s, social media, sponsorship, and the general organisation of the book tour. His passion for helping people in the public eye is very important to him, as he saw his father go through some great times, but also some desperate times.

For Stephen, the key is to help and guide current and ex-players into better situations, to educate them to help them make better decisions in their immediate future, and when they come into retirement. Stephen also set up Skye Agencies to provide them with access to get advice from other legends such as Peter Withe, Brian Little, Tony Daley, Darius Vassell, and many more. The agency will also provide the right public attention through media and sponsorship, and most importantly, protects the players’ future.

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