Client Management 

Diamond Show Events and Management specialises in providing comprehensive support and services for celebrities in the public eye and retired professional footballers as they transition into new phases of their careers. In addition to our existing offerings, we now provide motivational speaking engagements for corporate businesses. Our mission is to empower celebrities to thrive in their post-career endeavours by offering them the guidance, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed.

Services Offered:

  1. Event Management: We organise a variety of events including Q&A sessions, celebrity panels, legends football games, and golf days, providing opportunities for our clients to engage with fans and the public.
  2. Personal Branding: We assist celebrities and athletes in building their personal brands, identifying their strengths and interests, and creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents in new and exciting ways.
  3. Career Transition Support: We offer guidance and support for clients looking to pursue new career paths, whether in entertainment, sports management, entrepreneurship, or other fields of interest.
  4. Professional Networking: We connect clients with a network of professional businesses and services such as accountants, lawyers, talent agents, and financial advisors to help them manage their finances and plan for their future.
  5. Book Publishing: We assist clients in self-publishing autobiographies or memoirs to share their stories and experiences with their fans and the public.
  6. Sponsorship Opportunities: We facilitate sponsorship deals to support clients in their post-career endeavors, whether it’s starting a business, pursuing further education, or engaging in philanthropy.
  7. Coaching and Management Support: We provide assistance for clients interested in obtaining coaching or management roles, offering guidance on training, networking, and job placement within their respective industries.
  8. Website Design: We offer professional website design services to help clients establish a strong online presence for their personal brand or business ventures.
  9. Social Media Guidance: We provide guidance and support in leveraging social media platforms effectively to enhance clients’ visibility, engagement, and brand awareness.
  10. Motivational Speaking for Corporate Businesses: We offer motivational speaking engagements for corporate businesses, leveraging the inspirational stories and experiences of our celebrity and athlete clients to motivate and inspire corporate teams to achieve their goals.


To ensure fair and competitive rates, we offer two packages tailored to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Package 1: The basic package involves Diamond Show Event Management securing work for you, taking 20% of any earnings generated. Additional services such as website design and social media guidance are available at a comprehensive package rate.
  • Package 2: This package offers meticulous attention to detail, covering all services described in our proposal. Clients pay a monthly fee of £395 for a 6-month contract. The payment can be paid in full or on a monthly basis. After the 6-month term you can sign for another term at a reduced rate and get 1-month free. Diamond Show Event Management takes a reduced commission of 10% on any earnings generated during this period.

Market Analysis:

There is a growing demand for services that support celebrities and athletes as they navigate transitions in their careers. Many individuals in the public eye face unique challenges when transitioning to new phases of their professional lives, and Diamond Show Event Management aims to address these needs by offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to their specific circumstances.

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy focuses on building relationships with celebrities, athletes, corporate businesses, event planners, and industry associations. We will utilise digital marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing to raise awareness of our services and attract clients.

Financial Projections:

We project steady growth in revenue as we expand our client base and diversify our service offerings. Our financial projections are based on conservative estimates of client acquisition and retention rates, as well as market demand for our services.

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