Our Diamond Show Management Team

The Board

  • CEO – Steve Withe
  • President – Peter Withe
  • Advisory Role – Brian Little
  • Advisor – Ian Vesey
  • Advisor – Bally Sidguards

The Team

  • Steve Withe – CEO Event Organiser
  • Adrian Woolley – Event Orgnaiser
  • Jamie Photo – Legends Football Games, party events, role play events Photographer
  • Jezz Photo – Q&A, Golf Day, role play events Photographer

Stephen Withe

Steve has been involved with football all of his life as an outsider looking in, having a famous father as a footballer. He knows from first hand, of the winning mentality footballers have and growing up with his Father, Peter Withe, it certainly had its advantages.

Steve found that his father’s popularity soon left him when he retired as a player. Getting into management also had its drawbacks getting sacked and being cast away had its effects on his family, watching your hero suffer through horrible media coverage, and the general public just being so cruel.

Steve learnt very quickly how footballers needed help, guidance and support, and his upbringing into this world really made him think that celebrities are being taken for a ride; protection, education, and guidance is much needed for stars, who are, lets face it just the same as everybody else.

Steve decided he wanted to make a difference for ex-sports stars, so he went about setting up charity legend football events in 2010, working along side his father to bring back the camaraderie for players that was in their lived. In 2017, he set up Diamond Show Management, which caters for celebrities who needed guidance in their lives. Steve has had much success setting up events such as legends football games, Q&A’s, golf events, Asia football legends tours and book tours for ex footballers, including his father book which came out in 2017, which have had rave reviews and is now in the process of becoming a feature film. Steve has had similar success with former player manager, Brian Little, who also published his book in November 2018.

“Diamond Show Management has gone through many changes since the pandemic and now we are catering for a wider audience, we are still involved with celebrities and you can book such people for any of your events that you wish to create. We are setting up, legends football games, Q&A’s with a celebrity, role play events, hire a yacht for the weekend, Asia tours with celebrities, stag and hen nights organisation with special celebrity guests, team building events, motivational speaker events, or create your own bespoke event with our help and much more. Please have a look at what we offer.

“Give people the opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of celebrities. By introducing them through our organised events, we aim to build an experience which connects us through equality, diversity and culture”.

Adrian John Woolley (AJ)

I have done sports photography including covering many big events including football and athletics with many star names.  I Worked for Aston Villa Former Players Association for 8 years, I covered all of their events including Golf, Football and Dog Racing as their official photographer.

When working closely with Former Footballers I realised what the players required when leaving the football world and realise the need for confidentiality.  Their needs were different according to their personal circumstances and where they were in their life.

I work with Stephen Withe on the business Diamond Show Management, covering sports and music events.  I Am Communications Manager overseeing the website development and communicating with third parties.

I work with Stephen on Skye Football Agencies, working and delivering a professional service to footballers and other parties to an agreed and acceptable standard.

I worked for 10 years in local football including being disciplinary Secretary within the Central Warwickshire Girls Football League. I helped implement new rules the governed by County Football Association.

Gerard Robinson

My interests is photography started from a young age.  I have worked in the field of wedding and event photography, meeting celebrities from the world of sports such as Snooker, boxing and football.

As a villa fan from the age of 6, I am proud to have the opportunity to work with some of the 1982 Aston Villa lions and have personally assisted Steve Staunton, ex villa and republic of Ireland international with his charity work over the years.

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